Hello From Another Addicted Runner

Sunday, November 24, 2013
5:39 PM

As the title implies, hello from an addicted runner! I’m starting a blog for the first time, (so please hang in there with me)!
Last year was my first and last year in public school, and being a senior I wanted to try out for a sport. Now, generally I’m not a sporty person: I play piano, am obsessed with Beethoven, all things Marvel, Star Wars, etc. Instead of playing outside, I stayed in writing poetry and reading as a little girl. So when I had to choose a sport I thought: “How about Track and Field? It can’t be that bad – it’s just running”.
Very funny.
I couldn’t even complete two warm up laps! I was so embarrassed! However that didn’t surprise people. No one saw me as a sporty girl. I mean, this was the girl who spent her lunch in the band room helping her choir classmates with their notes.
When I got home, though, after that embarrassing practice, my body felt sore but my spirit and mind felt amazing. I wanted to run! I knew this had to be the other me – a sporty me! A fitter me!
So when I started training for the mile (though I wanted to be a sprinter) I knew I didn’t have too much to worry about as long as I had the spirit (not to mention I’ve never been overweight a day in my life, amazingly). I ran everyday, did exactly as the coach said. My first mile was 9:00!
My coach never really was behind me. I had to beg him for praise when he always gave it to his sprinters or even long distances who were slower than me! (I mean, how mean is this guy? Does he not like me?) Being a Christian, I prayed before each mile, before each practice. I still didn’t have that “Coach-Athlete” relationship I wanted with my coach, though. I didn’t realize until later that what has gotten me to where I am we’re my friends and true Coach, God. My track coach left me to myself during practice. Though I wasn’t the best, I worked the hardest I could.
After track season ended, and soon school, I decided to quit running. Haha! As if! No sooner than two weeks passed, my legs hurt so bad I had to get back to running. I realized I had become addicted.
So now, I realize that I was never meant to be a sprinter (all speed no distance), I’m a long distancer! (Some speed, mostly distance.) I trained hard and won first place in my age group at my first 5k in Ashland, KY in the annual “Freedom Run 5k”. (My time was 29:06.)
God has given me a passion for running, and like most runners, I run for a good cause. I run for those who can’t. I run for charities. I run for me. Most definitely, I run for God!
I may not be the best but I work the hardest I can.
Here are two pictures from my first 5k!
So happy running and God bless!




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