Cold Weather Running Blues

Sunday, November 24, 2013
9:12 PM

To be honest, I really hate getting up early and going out for a run in the freezing cold before work. I truly, truly do not like the bite of the cold on my face or the feeling of my toes swelling up in my shoes (weird, right? It’s due to an electrolyte balance – so eat a banana and drink some Gatorade).
I do like the scenic run in the snow, the blush I get on my cheeks, and the feeling afterwards. I get patience at work and a better metabolism after running in the morning.
Right now, bundling up for me includes a hoodie, long sleeve shirt, sweats, cotton socks, a headband that covers my ears, and my Women’s Zoom running shoes from Nike.
It’s not good to bundle up too warmly, I’ve noticed, or too little. I have learned that even though my gloves help my freezing fingers at the beginning of the run, I eventually have to take them off mid-run because my body temperature rises and the heat can’t escape through my fingers. Too much heat escaping = bad. Too little? Bad. You must find the right bundling for you at various temperatures.
It’s also nice to have a friend who will run with you, to take your mind off the run’s distance and the coldness. Using each other’s energy makes the run seem easier and more fun. I’ve found that between my running buddy and I, she is my pacer when we run long distances together.
Not too long ago, while we were both running it started to hail and rain. We were frozen, soaked and tired at the end but have a good story to tell!


So let’s get up tomorrow morning and show the world, whether with a running buddy of your own or not, that we are really just addicted and crazy enough to go winter running!


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