A Shoe Dilemma

Monday, November 25, 2013
6:46 PM

We’ve all heard that joke about a runner’s most expensive shoes are the ones they run in. In my case, this is true. But does higher price mean better quality, and in turn, better shoe?
So far, I’ve only worn out one pair of running shoes and am onto my second pair. I have to get shoes for pronation (but that’s a common problem) and I’ve always been led to believe that everything Nike says is golden…but is it??
Studies show that technically the thicker the sole you have, the more likely you are to get injured.
It’s true!
Here’s how it was explained to me: your heel is a transition mechanism. When you move from one terrain to another, the heels of your feet help make a smoother transition while running.
Say you go from running on grass to pavement: the thicker your sole, the harder your heels have to hit the pavement to get the transition. All that pounding puts wear and tear on your joints.
Thicker soles meant for pronation also can cause someone to over-pronate, causing more pain and improper form.
So the right shoe can help your form, which will help your health and running. Is thicker better?
But let’s not get too carried away, too thin a sole right away can be just as bad or even worse. I’m thinking about slowly transitioning into the Vibram Five Fingers, but all things in their own time.
What do you think?



2 thoughts on “A Shoe Dilemma

  1. therunninger

    I don’t think everything Nike say is golden. I think Nike say what will get them bigger profits. They have a vested interest.

    I think you should find shoes that you feel great running in, regardless of brand, style or thickness of heel. Your feet will tell you the ones they like the best.


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