Every Run Rewarded

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
9:32 AM

I think that there isn’t a run that isn’t rewarding! Even one of my worst runs give me the continuance of running, showing me I’m not quitting!
Today it’s colder than normal and I woke up to SNOW! Yes! I was thrilled to get out and run in a “winter wonderland”. There wasn’t too much snow or ice, so it was safe and pretty.
It was a tough run, though. I live in the country so I encounter one of my greatest foes: hills. That wasn’t the worst, though. There were parts when I had to run against the wind and I had bundled too warmly so I felt a nauseating retching every curve I turned.
It was worth it though! So pretty! Someone saw me running, too, coming back from McDonalds (oh horrors 😛 ) and said they were freezing just watching me. I find it funny when people I know comment on my morning runs.
Then I get all the way to work after my run and find out that they don’t need me today – I have the day off!
So as I sit here eating banana chips I feel crazy, yet inspiring.
My next 5k is on the 7th! Looking forward to it and hoping I PR that day!


This tree reminds me of how I feel when I run – strong.


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