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Running From (I Mean To) New Year’s Resolution!

Monday, December 30, 2013
9:57 PM

I am feeling almost ready to run! Give it about another week and a half and I’ll be running happily again! Call me “over cautious”, “safe”, or “paranoid”, I’m happy to wait a while than having injured myself too much and end up never running again. (*egasp* Let’s not talk of THAT nightmare.) I’m so happy I’ve scheduled me a 5k in April! Yeah, I feel like it’s waaaay too far away, but I’ll have time to relearn myself, listen to my body, enjoy running once more and work my way into a better time and pace!
I have learned a lot this year. I’ve learned that I am stronger than I think, and that God has always been there for me when I’ve felt alone or even useless. He’s opened doors for me when all I saw were the ones He had just closed. He taught me that moving on is important.
God has used running to teach me things, as well, I believe. He showed me that even as when you feel tired just before the end, if you give your all in either a race or life, you will come out happy and feel better about yourself. I never felt as good as other people might be, but I’ve learned that it’s not a race against others but myself, and if I run the race He has set before me, with all my heart and strength, I’ll be blessed in body, mind, and spirit.

…but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

– Phillippians 3:13b – 14.

I am forgetting the things behind me that weigh me down, and look forward for that prize. Not just a trophy, but a higher gift. Maybe it’s better health, maybe it’s just the happiness it rings me.
I tell my Mom that running is part physical, part mental, part spiritual. You have to be able to run, so train. You have to psych yourself into believing you can do more, that you aren’t tired. You have to be spiritual in the sense that you love running and that it touches your life. I believe with that recipe, I’ll go far.

Part physical, part mental, part spiritual = a good run.

So my goals for this upcoming year are:

1. To continue to enjoy running.

2. Run in a 10k.

3. Train and prepare for a “halfie”. (My little nickname for a half marathon.)

4. Be able to listen to my body better and run barefoot.

5. Inspire others.

Thank you to those who have followed me, though I am still new to blogging. Thanks to those who inspire me. Thanks for a miracle called “the run”.
Have a wonderfully happy New Year!




Christmas Eve Revelries

Tuesday, December 24, 2013
5:50 PM

Pre-Holiday cheer with friends and family! My Tendonitis is getting better, too. So far, I’ve played Kinect Dance Central and Sports. And guess what my main sport was? TRACK AND FEILD, BABY! And I’m STILL not hurting! I did hurdles, sprinting, long jump, discus, and javelin.
The dancing? It wasn’t easy, either, because I also did Zumba. Yes, it was crazy, but I loved it.
So this holiday, so far The Lord has brought me some sign of me healing and I’m happy about that!
So, while I’m sure I’ll be back in about one or two more weeks, I’ll talk about my favorite running music (for when I actually DO run with it). Here’s the list:

1. “This Life” – MercyMe (The Generous Mr. Lovewell)

2. “Light Up The Sky” – The Afters (Light Up The Sky)

3. “That’s How You Change The World” – The Newsboys (Restart) {This one is especially good!}

4. “Crush” – David Archuleta (David Archuleta)

5. “On My Own” – Ashes Remain (What I’ve Become)

That’s just some of the songs I like, but to be honest I don’t run with music much at all.
So whether you’ll be running tomorrow or playing games, or whatnot, I wish you a very merry Christmas!!!



BTW that’s my hair in a fishtail braid!

Day 11 Of Rest – An Update

Thursday, December 19, 2013
9:33 PM

Day 11 of resting with Tendonitis and I’m experiencing many things these past few days. I have been achy, restless, tired, cranky and over all emotional. I’m happy one minute an the next I feel so hollow. I miss my runs. This is good for me, though. I’ll heal, God willing I’ll heal well. I know that if I rest now I’ll be safer later.
When I told people, those few months ago, at the beginning of summer, that I thought I might be addicted to running I never knew really just how true that was. I always took for granted that I’d just be able to run fine for, well, who knows how long. Now I do know how long: it is never definite. You really never know, you just take care of yourself to make it last. I know that I’ll come back to running.
It sickens me really, to feel the pavement under my feel while walking fast, and not be able to pick up speed and start a jog, then a run…then a sprint! I miss the feeling of war within myself: of to keep going or stop…no keep going…no, you need to rest…no your body was made for more…

But that’s just me being emotional.

I hate that side-effect.

Does anyone else feel these things when they can’t run for a while because of injury?
Thanks to everyone, though, for being very supportive of me and keeping me positive. 🙂


The Next Two To Three Weeks…

Sunday, December 16, 2013
7:21 AM

…Are going to suck.
I’m trying to keep my head up and in the game, finding out that I’m going to have to be out of it for the next two to three weeks. Not exactly what I had planned. It’s kind of depressing but my body must really need a break to be hurting this much!
I’ve decided to delay my half marathon training even more now (yes, I want to scream) but I’d rather sit now and heal, then go run rather than run and injure myself even more, therefore never being able to run again. (Even though my legs are telling me otherwise right now.)
I’ve noticed that when your body is used to be in a perpetual motion for a long period of time, and you stop that motion your body gets sore and you feel less energy, even cranky. I am SO cranky right now!!! Grrrr!!! My job is so physical it won’t feel like resting.
My injury won’t win, though! I won’t just sit by and get soft. Now that I’ve discovered the miracle running is for me, that relationship between body, mind, and soul, I won’t let that go. I’m going to do some core strengthening exercises and other exercises that won’t require my feet to be used all that stressfully.

I hereby make a promise to myself to listen to my body and take care of it in the long run, so that I may run long!


Ice Baths And Wrapped Ankles

Thursday, December 12, 2013
6:30 PM

Tendonitis is a pain. No, really, I’m tired of having to wrap my feet and tonight will be the second night ever that I have had to take an ice bath! Last night I tried it for the first time and it was terribly cold! (Well, obviously, I guess.) I had to take my mind off the sharp coldness but I am very happy with the aftermath! I think after resting my foot for the rest of this week, I will be able to start half marathon training next week!
Sadly I haven’t been able to keep up my streak because of this stupid Tendonitis. Better to be careful than sorry, though, right?
I am learning quickly that I am very dependent on running to deal with my stress. Idiots at work and being tired more often kills me. Running helps with that. I need to run again. I haven’t ran since Saturday because my Tendonitis. Very upsetting!
Today I learned on my break, while reading “Born to Run”, more about the natural form we have as runners. The more I read that book, the more I am fascinated with how we as humans should naturally run!!
So: read “Born to Run” and rest those feet when need be!!!

Anything Less Will Be Easier

Monday, December 9, 2013
9:17 AM

Notice I said “easier”, not “easy”. There’s a major difference, right?
I’ve decided that I will start training for a half marathon starting next week (I need a few rest days this week) and if I’m working towards 13.1 miles, anything less will be easier! At my last 5k, a lady said that now is the best time to start training for one! So I went to the website she told me she used: Marathon Rookie . I checked it out and I have to say I am very pleased with what I saw!
The website is clear, straight to the point, and honestly I’m truly excited! Since I looked for 5ks in my area and there aren’t any for these next two months right now, I’m going to start half marathon training! The website gave tips on health and even a training sheet.


So basically, I’m thrilled! Let’s see how this goes: from 5k to half marathon!



Another 5k And PR In The Bag!

Saturday, December 7, 2013
11:11 PM

I ran in my second 5k ever today and it was a great time! My number was “1” (lucky me) and I was nervous about the route, but things went well. I PR’d at 28:42 and won first place in my age group again. Excitement! I also got a goody bag, t-shirt and won a door prize!
Runners a bunch of friendly folk, eh? A nice woman named Liz told a funny sort about a crazy 5k where things were going crazy. One part of it was where the man firing the starting pistol had questioned whether it would violate his parole!
The route was unfamiliar so that made it tough but over all I enjoyed myself.