To Conquer a Day


Tuesday, December 3, 2013
7:25 AM

I am tired, a little crampy, and full out cranky. Am I still running to work this morning? Yes. (I said that begrudgingly, too.) It’ll wake me up though, and a little exercise should help my cramps.
My missions for the day?
#1. Run 3.99 miles without stopping (except to cross the highway, of course) – be there cramps or not.
#2. Survive work: we’re having a lot more kids today than yesterday.
#3. Give a boy my number. Yeah, I’m gonna admit this: I’ve never made that first step towards a boy. Hmmm…to be honest I’ve never even been out on a date so we’ll see how bad I am at trying to get a boyfriend.
So whether it be bad cramps, crazy kids, or a boy I’m extremely attracted to but am nervous about, I will conquer this day! (The Lord willing!)
What do you have to conquer today? Any tips or advice for me?


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