Anything Less Will Be Easier

Monday, December 9, 2013
9:17 AM

Notice I said “easier”, not “easy”. There’s a major difference, right?
I’ve decided that I will start training for a half marathon starting next week (I need a few rest days this week) and if I’m working towards 13.1 miles, anything less will be easier! At my last 5k, a lady said that now is the best time to start training for one! So I went to the website she told me she used: Marathon Rookie . I checked it out and I have to say I am very pleased with what I saw!
The website is clear, straight to the point, and honestly I’m truly excited! Since I looked for 5ks in my area and there aren’t any for these next two months right now, I’m going to start half marathon training! The website gave tips on health and even a training sheet.


So basically, I’m thrilled! Let’s see how this goes: from 5k to half marathon!




9 thoughts on “Anything Less Will Be Easier

  1. Bree

    Hi, just found your blog. I’m training for my first half as well…and using the Hal Higdon method like the previous commenter mentioned, not that this one will steer you wrong. How is training for it going? I’m currently up to 7 mi but with 8 planned tomorrow.

    1. addictedrunner Post author

      I am just now recovering from a few weeks of Tendonitis (ugh) and now am up to 4.48 miles. I actually would like to have options training wise, so I’ll check into this method you are talking about! Thanks for following my blog! Any tips for me, though, with training?

      1. Bree

        Get some really good shoes. Like seriously go to a legit running store and get fitted for some. They will go a long way in making runs enjoyable and will be well worth the money as you’re training for a half. That’s a whole lot of training miles! If you look at the Hal Higdon page it’s awesome because he includes tips on speed with training. As a rule of thumb, I usually do long runs about with a pace 30 sec slower than shorter runs. But I also am a big believing in running intuitively, because ultimately your body knows what it can handle better than a training plan does. Good luck!

      2. Bree

        Well I’m not necessarily saying that you need traditional running shoes. There’s sooo many lightweight good running shoes made by companies that know what they’re doing! They’d take all that into account of course.

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