The Next Two To Three Weeks…

Sunday, December 16, 2013
7:21 AM

…Are going to suck.
I’m trying to keep my head up and in the game, finding out that I’m going to have to be out of it for the next two to three weeks. Not exactly what I had planned. It’s kind of depressing but my body must really need a break to be hurting this much!
I’ve decided to delay my half marathon training even more now (yes, I want to scream) but I’d rather sit now and heal, then go run rather than run and injure myself even more, therefore never being able to run again. (Even though my legs are telling me otherwise right now.)
I’ve noticed that when your body is used to be in a perpetual motion for a long period of time, and you stop that motion your body gets sore and you feel less energy, even cranky. I am SO cranky right now!!! Grrrr!!! My job is so physical it won’t feel like resting.
My injury won’t win, though! I won’t just sit by and get soft. Now that I’ve discovered the miracle running is for me, that relationship between body, mind, and soul, I won’t let that go. I’m going to do some core strengthening exercises and other exercises that won’t require my feet to be used all that stressfully.

I hereby make a promise to myself to listen to my body and take care of it in the long run, so that I may run long!



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