Day 11 Of Rest – An Update

Thursday, December 19, 2013
9:33 PM

Day 11 of resting with Tendonitis and I’m experiencing many things these past few days. I have been achy, restless, tired, cranky and over all emotional. I’m happy one minute an the next I feel so hollow. I miss my runs. This is good for me, though. I’ll heal, God willing I’ll heal well. I know that if I rest now I’ll be safer later.
When I told people, those few months ago, at the beginning of summer, that I thought I might be addicted to running I never knew really just how true that was. I always took for granted that I’d just be able to run fine for, well, who knows how long. Now I do know how long: it is never definite. You really never know, you just take care of yourself to make it last. I know that I’ll come back to running.
It sickens me really, to feel the pavement under my feel while walking fast, and not be able to pick up speed and start a jog, then a run…then a sprint! I miss the feeling of war within myself: of to keep going or stop…no keep going…no, you need to rest…no your body was made for more…

But that’s just me being emotional.

I hate that side-effect.

Does anyone else feel these things when they can’t run for a while because of injury?
Thanks to everyone, though, for being very supportive of me and keeping me positive. šŸ™‚



One thought on “Day 11 Of Rest – An Update

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