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Reflections On Down Time

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
7:20 PM

Sorry everyone that I haven’t been posting, the weather here has been harsh and the ice and below zero temps are restricting me from running.
Slightly depressing, but I’m staying positive! I am going to do some challenges during February to build strength in my core.
While sitting out of running, without an injury no less, I have time to sit back and do some more research and reflect on my running and why I run.

1. It’s about the feeling, not the medals.

2. Fartleks and Burpees are necessary!

3. Running with a friend is fun, but running alone can be good for self reflection.

4. Runner’s fashion is good stuff! I want a few shirts.


5. That saying “you aren’t built to run” is a lie to your face. You are built to better yourself.

6. While sitting down, I’m being forced to watch other runners and see what I can do to better my runs, protecting myself. I watch videos of me running and see what I am doing wrong.

I’ll find more in my down time to post!
Here are the challenges I’m gonna do:





The running community :a family that unites for #MegsMiles

The Girl Who Ran Everywhere


The running community is like one large family. I might not have ever met you, but if you reading this blog you either :
A-have seen the link on my fb and find me amusing so you’re reading it
B-you’re a runner who subscribes to my blog(thank you and btw you rock)

If there is one thing I have learned since I became a blogger, it’s that the running community truly supports one another. They band together as one, whether it be fast runners or slower…they come together in times of celebration and in tragedy. There are runners, everyday, out there chugging along and donating their miles to #Bostonstrong or training for the Boston Marathon to show their support for what happened 4/15/13.

The latest incident of runners bonding is today, January 18th. The running community stands as one as they dedicate all of their miles to a young woman…

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Thers Werk’s Merls! (This Week’s Miles!)

Friday, January 17, 2014
8:18 AM

Ermahgerd! 20th Perst!
Haha I thought I’d start this post off with a funny title. So this weeks miles add up to 5.48 miles!
Not much but after weeks of not running because of Tendonitis, I’m happy I ran that much. My ankles hurt though. I have week ankles and I need to do something about that.
My goal for next week is to start building up strength in my ankles, not to mention run but not so hard in one day. Not smart for me right now.
I have scheduled another 5k in July, but I still can’t find a half marathon to work toward that is in this area! I guess I might have to settle for what I can get and travel a bit. My website of choice right now is: tristate racer
This weekend I’m going to be doing research for my ankles and maybe wrap them, I don’t know. Have a happy weekend everyone! TGIF

Please keep me in your prayers as I try to find my strength to run farther without injuries!

Going Farther Than I Thought!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
9:30 PM

So today I went for a run on my lunch break behind the tracks at my work. I put in my earbuds (which I rarely do) and took off slowly, deciding to not go above two miles at the most. About 25 minutes into my run I looked down at my watch and realized how long I had been running. I though: “oops, better head back”. As soon as I was back at work, having thirty minutes left, I looked down at my meter to see how long I had been running and gaped!
4:48 miles!!! WHAT?! I have NEVER ran that far! What was I thinking?! I am recuperating from Tendonitis – not training for a halfie! Oh wait…yes I am….
But first: a 10k! My goal is to do one before summer is up! Let’s hope it happens. No: let’s make it happen!!
The cold air has gotten to my chest, though and gosh it hurts.
God’s given me a good day, today. Work went well, so did my run, and though it was cold it was very sunny! Does wonders for your mood!

Birthday Blessing

Monday, January 6, 2014
6:43 PM

At 7:50 this evening I will officially be 19 years old. Hard to believe it myself, I forgot about it being my birthday when I woke up! It’s been a long day, but thankfully it wasn’t a bad one.
Phone calls, cards, shoes, texts and all, I’ve been grateful to my friends and family for their thoughts and gifts. I honestly have been slightly depressed, though. Let’s be honest: I only have one more year left of my teenage years. I want to do something important this year. In the past, I’ve played piano for many people and taught piano, I’ve sang with different choirs, babysat, got medals and trophies for different things like recitals, academic team, and races but none of it seems important.
I’m gonna be honest: I feel empty.
God’s blessed us a lot, though! I’ve seen him with me so much in the past that I can’t help but believe He’s real without a shadow of a doubt.
Let’s just make this a good year.
While I’m at it? Let’s make this a good life….

Any Closer And I’d Be There!

Saturday, January 4, 2014
4:45 PM

Any closer to the track and I’d be there running! I’m going to schedule the first run of the year with my friend soon and it should be for sometime next week. I went to Walmart today and my mom bought me a new pair of cheap (she was shocked that I asked for cheap ones) running shoes. They Are Danskin Now, with thin soles – much thinner than those Nikes!! (I gave those to Madre.) The shoes, however, are a size four kid’s shoes! Guess I have tiny feet…
I haven’t had to wrap my feet in over a week now! Talk about excitement! And I feel no pain whatsoever. I was kind of nervous, though, to be trying on different shoes to run in again, but those fears melted away when I put those shows on and ran up and down the shoes aisle to test out the shoes.
Yes, I ran up and down the aisle! Some people saw me and sent me some crazy looks, some just stared, an one kid looked crazy when I cut a string off that was binding the shoes together. “Don’t worry, I’m buying them”, I told him. I didn’t want him thinking that defacing store property was ok!
Oh, but it felt amazing to run again!!!
I bought a Naked Protein Smoothie to drink in the car (though it leaves a weird film in your mouth, it tastes good). I also bought some Gatorade mix to make (cheaper than buying regular bottles), and a larger smoothie by Bolthouse Farms for later in the week.
I’ll let you know how the run goes when I try our my new shoes! It will feel sooooo good to run again!!

This tastes really good but leaves a weird film in your mouth. I think it’s the coconut.


A thin sole – just what the doctor ordered!