Any Closer And I’d Be There!

Saturday, January 4, 2014
4:45 PM

Any closer to the track and I’d be there running! I’m going to schedule the first run of the year with my friend soon and it should be for sometime next week. I went to Walmart today and my mom bought me a new pair of cheap (she was shocked that I asked for cheap ones) running shoes. They Are Danskin Now, with thin soles – much thinner than those Nikes!! (I gave those to Madre.) The shoes, however, are a size four kid’s shoes! Guess I have tiny feet…
I haven’t had to wrap my feet in over a week now! Talk about excitement! And I feel no pain whatsoever. I was kind of nervous, though, to be trying on different shoes to run in again, but those fears melted away when I put those shows on and ran up and down the shoes aisle to test out the shoes.
Yes, I ran up and down the aisle! Some people saw me and sent me some crazy looks, some just stared, an one kid looked crazy when I cut a string off that was binding the shoes together. “Don’t worry, I’m buying them”, I told him. I didn’t want him thinking that defacing store property was ok!
Oh, but it felt amazing to run again!!!
I bought a Naked Protein Smoothie to drink in the car (though it leaves a weird film in your mouth, it tastes good). I also bought some Gatorade mix to make (cheaper than buying regular bottles), and a larger smoothie by Bolthouse Farms for later in the week.
I’ll let you know how the run goes when I try our my new shoes! It will feel sooooo good to run again!!

This tastes really good but leaves a weird film in your mouth. I think it’s the coconut.


A thin sole – just what the doctor ordered!


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