Birthday Blessing

Monday, January 6, 2014
6:43 PM

At 7:50 this evening I will officially be 19 years old. Hard to believe it myself, I forgot about it being my birthday when I woke up! It’s been a long day, but thankfully it wasn’t a bad one.
Phone calls, cards, shoes, texts and all, I’ve been grateful to my friends and family for their thoughts and gifts. I honestly have been slightly depressed, though. Let’s be honest: I only have one more year left of my teenage years. I want to do something important this year. In the past, I’ve played piano for many people and taught piano, I’ve sang with different choirs, babysat, got medals and trophies for different things like recitals, academic team, and races but none of it seems important.
I’m gonna be honest: I feel empty.
God’s blessed us a lot, though! I’ve seen him with me so much in the past that I can’t help but believe He’s real without a shadow of a doubt.
Let’s just make this a good year.
While I’m at it? Let’s make this a good life….


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