Going Farther Than I Thought!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
9:30 PM

So today I went for a run on my lunch break behind the tracks at my work. I put in my earbuds (which I rarely do) and took off slowly, deciding to not go above two miles at the most. About 25 minutes into my run I looked down at my watch and realized how long I had been running. I though: “oops, better head back”. As soon as I was back at work, having thirty minutes left, I looked down at my meter to see how long I had been running and gaped!
4:48 miles!!! WHAT?! I have NEVER ran that far! What was I thinking?! I am recuperating from Tendonitis – not training for a halfie! Oh wait…yes I am….
But first: a 10k! My goal is to do one before summer is up! Let’s hope it happens. No: let’s make it happen!!
The cold air has gotten to my chest, though and gosh it hurts.
God’s given me a good day, today. Work went well, so did my run, and though it was cold it was very sunny! Does wonders for your mood!


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