Reflections On Down Time

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
7:20 PM

Sorry everyone that I haven’t been posting, the weather here has been harsh and the ice and below zero temps are restricting me from running.
Slightly depressing, but I’m staying positive! I am going to do some challenges during February to build strength in my core.
While sitting out of running, without an injury no less, I have time to sit back and do some more research and reflect on my running and why I run.

1. It’s about the feeling, not the medals.

2. Fartleks and Burpees are necessary!

3. Running with a friend is fun, but running alone can be good for self reflection.

4. Runner’s fashion is good stuff! I want a few shirts.


5. That saying “you aren’t built to run” is a lie to your face. You are built to better yourself.

6. While sitting down, I’m being forced to watch other runners and see what I can do to better my runs, protecting myself. I watch videos of me running and see what I am doing wrong.

I’ll find more in my down time to post!
Here are the challenges I’m gonna do:





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