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Regaining Lost Ground

Sunday, February 23, 2014
5:00 PM

Sorry for my late posting, however I have been busy in a good way. I’ve started keeping a journal starting last week on my running. It’s really just a calendar that keeps my races and training runs in it. I’ll put my goal, what I achieved, and if the run went well or not.


So far I’ve been registered for three 5k’s, however I am wanting to sign up for a 10k soon since I have started adding one for mile!! My best? 4.737 miles. I can’t run farther on my lunch break, lest I go over my time limit and get in trouble with the boss (I’m so dedicated, lol).
I’ve been donating my miles to Charity Run. I might’ve mentioned this app in another post, but I feel the need to mention it again. It’s a good thing to do! It supports charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project and other foundations that have to deal with hunger and cancer.
I reopened my other social media accounts, so if you want, follow me on Instagram at @addictedrunner . Twitter : runningaddict95
This week’s miles should add up to 8 miles!! Let’s get that higher!!
Earlier today, I went on a bike ride with my sister and friend – in the rain! My legs have gotten stronger since my last bike ride due to my running. I enjoyed today’s biking better than ever because of that.


(Sticking my tongue out at my friend, Isabella.)

Happy running, stay happy, God bless! 🙂


What Is This World Coming To?

Sunday, February 2, 2014
3:06 PM

This weather just can’t seem to make up it’s mind! Friday we drove past the Ohio river and goodness it had ice chunks! Then yesterday it was nice enough that I wore short sleeves. Today? The wood stove is fired back up and we might get up to 5 in. of snow tonight!


Weird thing is my county ran out of water (how does that even happen?) so the water was turned off. Again. This has happened more than once this year.
What is this world coming to? Lord help us!
Good news, however! My run-buddy got me into a group she’s just recently joined named “The 5k Crew”. I’m excited! We meet at the beginning of each month training for 5k’s and do races together.
As much as I love running solitary, it usually is so much more fun to run with people.
God bless everyone and I hope your weekend has been just as interesting as mine!