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Run Blue 5k, Fishing, Failed Music Festival and Herbs!

Thursday, May 1st, 2014
8:01 AM

Saturday had been a blast! It started off with a mad dash out of bed, getting ready for the race I’d run in two hours. By the time I left the house with Mom, I was munching on dry cereal (not the champion’s breakfast), shaking my Iskiate and forgetting my phone. (Thus the race pictures you see we’re taken by my Mom, bless her!)

When I got to the Kyova Mall, where the race was to run a few laps around it, I didn’t see very many people. It was a small group of runners today, but everyone was in the spirit of racing. A group of ladies had brought a German Shepherd puppy, I saw someone I had went to high school with, and met some new people.
I met up with Susan, my new friend from the last race. This time, I got to know her better. She’s a teacher and she’s been running for a little over two years now. She gave me some running tips and I enjoyed her company!
I met a few more people from the 5k Crew, such darling people!
Today was a victory in the sense my PR is now 28:24.1! I won second place in my age group and was 19th over all, and still I’m happy!
Kristen, my newest running friend, won 1st in her age group.

(Sorry for the blur, Mrs. Susan!)
Some people from the 5k crew:

I’ve already signed up for a 5k on Memorial Day as well as one in the summer that is supposed to be a night race with a glow in the dark theme!
Saturday I also picked up some herbs for the herb garden I’m starting at my boyfriend’s house! Lemon thyme, regular thyme, sweet mint, rosemary, aloe, and lavender. I’ve applied to the American College of Healthcare Sciences, praying they except me! So I need to get my hands dirty in the garden as a start in my journey of becoming a Master Herbalist!
The music festival my boyfriend and I were supposed to go to didn’t even happen, it seems. At first we had almost gotten lost looking for it. (It was a small gathering, and we now know why our parents would argue on road trips.) Instead we went fishing aside the river.


A 5k Done, Another To Run – Stories Never Cease To Amaze.

Friday, April 18, 2014
9:10 AM

I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve plenty to share.
My last 5k, which was last Sunday, was the Benji McDowell run, honoring the fallen first responders that many over look…
I was never told his story, nor could I find any information on it, but for a moment that doesn’t matter. All I know is that he was a firefighter who laid down his life when time came. He will be missed by his family, friends, and community.
We runners gathered to honor him, and those like him.
At this particular race, I met some members of the 5k Crew:

Two sisters I met, Karen and Robin, embody the spirit of running without excuse. One had breast cancer and was hit by a car, they both have asthma, and among other problems they have faced, they both continue to run on. This proves that if we can run a little, we have no excuses! Running isn’t just physical, it’s mental and spiritual as well.

I met other runners, such as Sue and Bobbi Jo, and there is nothing quite like the bond we share in running, gathering to support the families of these fallen first responders.




Here’s my dad looking all “smexay” in the Breast Cancer Awareness sunglasses they were handing out.


Ok bananas and apples I get, but it’s so cruel to put cupcakes and cookies there too!
My next upcoming 5k will be at the Kyova mall on the 26th. If anyone wants to run with me, go to Tristate Racer’s website to see when, where and to sign up.
Peace, love, and find inspiration wherever you run,