Running My Mind and My Body

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
8:50 PM

We know that running is just as mental as it is physical, and sometimes maybe more so. I try to look at each run as an opportunity to run out my feelings and to gain perspective. So with everything that has been happening lately, I’ve been pounding the pavement more than usual.
I’ve had things on my mind and lovely people to deal with (that last part was totally sarcastic), and so the last race I ran wasn’t my best. I barely showed up on time, couldn’t stretch right, and ended up not setting a new PR. Buuuuut…I did have fun, for while running up a hill (that I was not told about), I looked over at a man and said “gosh, I hate hills”. He in turn replied: “don’t you think it fitting that we’re going to end up in a grave yard at the top of this hill?” “Touché”, I gasped, “touché, my friend.”
Once we covered the bridge that was covered in flags and crossed the highway, we ended up in this beautiful graveyard. All I could hear was the pounding of the path by the sneakers, the breathing of the runners, and the playing of Taps in the distance by a guy on a bugle. It was a beautiful morning, and I was filled with emotions.
I also met these two guys from Columbus (where I originally hail from) and they completely made my day! Jerry and Dallas and I swapped stories of running and even kids. They cheered me up after I didn’t meet my own expectations.



I’ve been working on gaining strength in my knees, hips, and ankles by doing the resistance band exercises from the Runner’s World website. (Which, btw, I am dying to get my latest copy. Seriously, I need some new reading material.) They’ve been helping slowly, I think.
Now let’s talk about joint pain reliever!!! Devil’s Claw is a natural pain reliever I’ve been using and it helps so much! I would recommend it for everyone, except those who are pregnant or are taking blood thinning medications. You can order it on Now Foods Website. It’s natural, so it doesn’t have the side effects of most medicine, but like any medication, both pharmaceutical and holistic, don’t take with other medication unless you are sure they will not counteract.


One thought on “Running My Mind and My Body

  1. ironman

    A couple of summers ago, I found myself in the same predicament.
    It won’t happen, so train above your target pace regularly.
    Competitors joining in any sports are susceptible to injuries and
    more often than not, these injuries could place them on the sideline,
    others can be career ending.


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