Last Night’s Freedom Run

Friday, June 6, 2014
9:05 AM

It’s been a great week for training and racing!! I’ve ran about 10 miles total and last night I had a great time at the 2nd annual Freedom Run!
My first 5k race was the 1st annual Freedom Run. It was hosted at Central Park in Ashland, completely flat terrain. I had won first place in my age group and decided to do every Freedom Run race to come in the future. So when I saw the race pre-registration online I signed up ASAP. They hadn’t even posted what the course would be like at the time.
I ended up with rolling hills.
Hill training is fine and all but I wasn’t expecting them last night.
I was able to officially meet Alan Osuch! He’s one of the nicest runners you’ll ever meet, and he sends emails out in relation to He has been running for five years and will have ran 200 races come either later this summer or fall! He ave me advice and to me the most important was to listen to my own body and not to follow everything every training plan say because every body is different.


The 5k Crew posed for pre-race pictures: aren’t we goofy?



I was goofing off waiting for the gun to be fired:


A minute or so before the starting shot was fired, I looked behind me and one of my kids from the daycare’s grandmas were there! We squealed (no joke) and hugged each other. We were both jittery about the race but goodness we did great and she kicked butt on the way up with those hills! She was my pacer and I made it under 30 minutes still with the hills, finishing right on her heels. That woman can move and she’s a natural. She too achieved first place in her age group!


So from my first Freedom Run / 5k race in general to now, I’m pleased with my progress in running:




Thank you to those who have been here on my journey, listening to my stories and swapping tips. May God give you the speed in your spirit to outrun your own assumptions and over come your mind.


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