Friday “Feels”

Friday, June 13, 2014
11:50 AM

It’s Friday 13, I’m sitting here at work patting a child’s bottom hoping his eyes will close soon and typing this with one hand.
My mind is on two completely other things, though.
First off, hooray for me because I ran 6.4 miles Wednesday and that is my first 10k distance met!! I felt like I could go another mile, so I did. And hey, what’s another one? My knee brace was chaffing my other leg’s thigh and I tried to clear my mind of any possible exhaustion. The misty rain and the grey weather made it all worth while, though! I laughed hysterically at one point for no apparent reason (or so I thought) until I had realized I just beat any distance I have ever ran!


I literally took a random selfie in the Dollar General bathroom.
Second, my thoughts are on my wonderful boyfriend. I mean, could a girl who runs have any better of one? Jacob celebrated my run with me and yesterday we went swimming with his cousins. We ended the night cuddling under a warm blanket while watching “The Emperor’s New Groove” and he gave me a foot massage. I’ll never deserve him even if I have lived a thousand years.
Tonight my sweetheart is taking me out to eat and we are going to watch “The Fault In Our Stars”. I’m thrilled!!
Tomorrow I start working again on hill training and I wish you all a good weekend and happy running!
May your distances increase while your problems decrease.

…and finally the child has closed his eyes in sleep…


4 thoughts on “Friday “Feels”

  1. natjtan

    Well done on your first 10km and on getting the baby to sleep! I’m still not sure why your posts still aren’t coming up in my reader, though I’ve read others have this problem too. Here’s to your next 10km!


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