Finding Infinity

Saturday, July 26, 2014
7:00 pm

Running hasn’t been in my schedule for a few weeks now, I’ve pulled a hamstring as well as another muscle in my left leg. Yes, call me “Limpy” sometimes. Jokingly, I should change the URL of this site to “”! Anymore, though, I’m fine with these problems – it’s all a part of the grand journey. Where does it lead to, this journey? I hope it doesn’t end, I love running too much.

I’ve been very happy here lately; peaceful, even. The other day, while I was at work, I thought about these past few weeks.

I attended my Uncle Don’s funeral, he was one of my favorite of the great-uncles in my family. I also went camping with my boyfriend, Jacob, my family, and my sister’s boyfriend, Cameron over a weekend. I didn’t realize how much I needed that small vacation. Walking trails at Carter Caves, sleeping under the stars on a hard ground and twisting my ankle at a game of badminton was very therapeutic for the mind and body…well the mind especially!

I’ve been counting my blessings and thinking on how even though things have been a little shaky, even though it felt like the walls were starting to close in on me again, I see why. I know that even when the hardest times of my life make a nasty appearance, I’ve still got it better than so many others and I’ve come to realize something else: infinity.

Now, I’m not going all TFIOS on you (though I love TFIOS) and I’m not going to say it’s a tattoo I now have on my wrist (because I don’t have a tattoo), but please follow my thought process here. If your thoughts on this are different, then message me. I won’t upset at all.

So here we go, into infinity.

Everything is born (or rather, created), at a younger time, whether you believe in the Big Bang Theory or the Creation Theory, (I, personally, believe in the latter), and tonight everything could end. God could snap his fingers and we’re outta here. Hellfire, brimstone, damnation, glory or whatever you believe may happen. The thing is, everything ends.

All except the soul.

Some believe the soul, after death, lays dormant in the body (or rather, “sleeps”). One of these groups are the Old Regular Baptists. Others believe the soul goes straight to Purgatory, Heaven, Hell, or even a place called “Valhalla”. There are so many beliefs about the soul, even reincarnation, but the point is that it lives on.

It LIVES on.

The spiritual heart and the mind reside in the soul, I believe, making us who we are.

I know, this is a blog about running.

Where does my love of running abide then? Where does joy live? Happiness fades, we look for it again, but joy lasts. Not what people think, such as “smiling all the time”, but a feeling of peace through any time of life.

The soul lives on, infinitely.

Now whether or not you believe in this, I don’t know, but I accepted Christ as my savior years ago. My boyfriend accepted Him a little while ago. I have peace in my soul, I know infinity and now I don’t worry too much whether I injure myself when I run, or can’t see where I’m supposed to be in this life. I have everything I need.

God, family, love, infinity.


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