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You might be a runner if…

Haha this is spot on! By the way, please follow The Girl Who Ran Everywhere, her posts are great and this isn’t the first time I have reposed something of her’s.

The Girl Who Ran Everywhere

You might be a runner if… you’re driving down a road and starting doing the mileage in your head for the distance from your house down this very road and off that next side street….(this also applies to “you might be in marathon training if… 😉

you might be a runner if… new running clothes make you way way too happy. And you do happy dances/jumps like this:
you might be a runner if You get excited on vacation to wake up early and run in a new spot. Bonus excitement points if it’s along a lake, a moutain side trail, or chock full of spectacular views.
You may be a runner if… you 100% know that THIS is the happiest place on Earth (sorry Disney..,you’re out)
You may be a runner if… you understand this little quote:

You may be a runner if… a track workout makes you…

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