Admit It-Aren’t We All Just A Little Crazy?

We are a crazy people, but we are the proud Running People!

Running On Healthy

A few weeks ago I was at a meeting when someone said something that had us all cracking up.  She is currently training for her 23rd marathon and said that she prefers to do her training on her own.  She lives quite a distance from her training group and she said that her husband thinks she is crazy for doing all of this.  Therefore she runs close to home so that she isn’t away even longer than she already is with all of the training.  That makes her training more tolerable for the both of them.

The idea that her husband thinks her marathon training is crazy made us all laugh because it was pretty funny.  I think we were also all secretly laughing because we completely understand.  Most of us have significant others, family members, and/or friends who think we are slightly mad for our running habits.  Most people think…

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