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Admit It-Aren’t We All Just A Little Crazy?

We are a crazy people, but we are the proud Running People!

Running On Healthy

A few weeks ago I was at a meeting when someone said something that had us all cracking up.  She is currently training for her 23rd marathon and said that she prefers to do her training on her own.  She lives quite a distance from her training group and she said that her husband thinks she is crazy for doing all of this.  Therefore she runs close to home so that she isn’t away even longer than she already is with all of the training.  That makes her training more tolerable for the both of them.

The idea that her husband thinks her marathon training is crazy made us all laugh because it was pretty funny.  I think we were also all secretly laughing because we completely understand.  Most of us have significant others, family members, and/or friends who think we are slightly mad for our running habits.  Most people think…

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“Cinderella” Supporting Roger Reed

Friday (TGIF), September 12, 2014
12:00 P.M.

First off, I wasn’t able to blog yesterday, but I hope everyone had a safe time running as we all remembered those who were lost or injured on 9/11/2001. We can’t ever have that day on our minds enough. The more we reflect on that day, the more we can be aware to stop another tragedy such as that from ever happening again.
Yesterday went on as any other day for me, though, and your probably wondering why the heck I have that title the way it is. It’s so true, though!
I swear I’m gonna change my blog name to “Injured Runner”. A pulled hamstring was the last fun stunt my body pulled on me, and Monday was the first I was able to run in a few months. It just wasn’t healing!
I have this thing I do, though; or rather, what I don’t do.

• When I’m injured, I can’t run.

• When I can’t run, I get depressed.

• When I get depressed, I don’t do things right.

• If I don’t do things right, people get mad.

• If people get mad, they do rash things.

• Someone could die.

We can’t let people die.
I try not to let myself get depressed by not looking at races on Tristate Racer.
So when I was asked by my boss if I was running in “the race” tonight, I had no clue what she was talking about. A race?! Here?!! I wanna go!!
Let me tell you what, I have a great boyfriend who decided we could skip the date we had planned and he said he would take me to the race. I hurried in my cleaning, trying to get off the clock as soon as possible. Registration started at six and it was five already. I still had to go home and change.
I felt like Cinderella getting to go to the ball, as long as she finished her chores.
The race was to raise money for Roger Reed, who has stage four Pancreatic Cancer. My heart goes out to him and his family. Even though I personally just met Mr. Reed, my boyfriend Jacob and his family have known him for a while. I knew only of him by the fact that he owns a funeral home downtown, until the week I started hearing his name everywhere. At the store, at church, at work. When something tragic like this hits a small town, everyone knows about it.
(Roger Reed and my boyfriend, Jacob.)

357 people had registered for last night’s run. I felt honored to run with everyone in support of this man.
Three of the people there I’ve seen at every race I’ve ran in so far. Johnny Clay, Christina Blackburn, and Allan Horowitz. (I hope I spelled those right!)


The last time I talked to Johnny, he told me he and his girlfriend have the goal of 66 races for the year! And let me tell you what, they can win them too! I’ve seen Johnny and his girlfriend win some races, (he received second place this time).
Allan has this happy-go-lucky air about him, it makes running with him feel like a treat. He’s quite the joker, too, giving me the wrong the name at first, but showed me some stretches that will benefit me in the future.
The race went so well, and though I didn’t place and it was last minute, it was the perfect break in the week! (And to think I was bummed that I wouldn’t have been able to run yesterday, anyways!)






You might be a runner if…

Haha this is spot on! By the way, please follow The Girl Who Ran Everywhere, her posts are great and this isn’t the first time I have reposed something of her’s.

The Girl Who Ran Everywhere

You might be a runner if… you’re driving down a road and starting doing the mileage in your head for the distance from your house down this very road and off that next side street….(this also applies to “you might be in marathon training if… 😉

you might be a runner if… new running clothes make you way way too happy. And you do happy dances/jumps like this:
you might be a runner if You get excited on vacation to wake up early and run in a new spot. Bonus excitement points if it’s along a lake, a moutain side trail, or chock full of spectacular views.
You may be a runner if… you 100% know that THIS is the happiest place on Earth (sorry Disney..,you’re out)
You may be a runner if… you understand this little quote:

You may be a runner if… a track workout makes you…

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Finding Infinity

Saturday, July 26, 2014
7:00 pm

Running hasn’t been in my schedule for a few weeks now, I’ve pulled a hamstring as well as another muscle in my left leg. Yes, call me “Limpy” sometimes. Jokingly, I should change the URL of this site to “”! Anymore, though, I’m fine with these problems – it’s all a part of the grand journey. Where does it lead to, this journey? I hope it doesn’t end, I love running too much.

I’ve been very happy here lately; peaceful, even. The other day, while I was at work, I thought about these past few weeks.

I attended my Uncle Don’s funeral, he was one of my favorite of the great-uncles in my family. I also went camping with my boyfriend, Jacob, my family, and my sister’s boyfriend, Cameron over a weekend. I didn’t realize how much I needed that small vacation. Walking trails at Carter Caves, sleeping under the stars on a hard ground and twisting my ankle at a game of badminton was very therapeutic for the mind and body…well the mind especially!

I’ve been counting my blessings and thinking on how even though things have been a little shaky, even though it felt like the walls were starting to close in on me again, I see why. I know that even when the hardest times of my life make a nasty appearance, I’ve still got it better than so many others and I’ve come to realize something else: infinity.

Now, I’m not going all TFIOS on you (though I love TFIOS) and I’m not going to say it’s a tattoo I now have on my wrist (because I don’t have a tattoo), but please follow my thought process here. If your thoughts on this are different, then message me. I won’t upset at all.

So here we go, into infinity.

Everything is born (or rather, created), at a younger time, whether you believe in the Big Bang Theory or the Creation Theory, (I, personally, believe in the latter), and tonight everything could end. God could snap his fingers and we’re outta here. Hellfire, brimstone, damnation, glory or whatever you believe may happen. The thing is, everything ends.

All except the soul.

Some believe the soul, after death, lays dormant in the body (or rather, “sleeps”). One of these groups are the Old Regular Baptists. Others believe the soul goes straight to Purgatory, Heaven, Hell, or even a place called “Valhalla”. There are so many beliefs about the soul, even reincarnation, but the point is that it lives on.

It LIVES on.

The spiritual heart and the mind reside in the soul, I believe, making us who we are.

I know, this is a blog about running.

Where does my love of running abide then? Where does joy live? Happiness fades, we look for it again, but joy lasts. Not what people think, such as “smiling all the time”, but a feeling of peace through any time of life.

The soul lives on, infinitely.

Now whether or not you believe in this, I don’t know, but I accepted Christ as my savior years ago. My boyfriend accepted Him a little while ago. I have peace in my soul, I know infinity and now I don’t worry too much whether I injure myself when I run, or can’t see where I’m supposed to be in this life. I have everything I need.

God, family, love, infinity.

Friday “Feels”

Friday, June 13, 2014
11:50 AM

It’s Friday 13, I’m sitting here at work patting a child’s bottom hoping his eyes will close soon and typing this with one hand.
My mind is on two completely other things, though.
First off, hooray for me because I ran 6.4 miles Wednesday and that is my first 10k distance met!! I felt like I could go another mile, so I did. And hey, what’s another one? My knee brace was chaffing my other leg’s thigh and I tried to clear my mind of any possible exhaustion. The misty rain and the grey weather made it all worth while, though! I laughed hysterically at one point for no apparent reason (or so I thought) until I had realized I just beat any distance I have ever ran!


I literally took a random selfie in the Dollar General bathroom.
Second, my thoughts are on my wonderful boyfriend. I mean, could a girl who runs have any better of one? Jacob celebrated my run with me and yesterday we went swimming with his cousins. We ended the night cuddling under a warm blanket while watching “The Emperor’s New Groove” and he gave me a foot massage. I’ll never deserve him even if I have lived a thousand years.
Tonight my sweetheart is taking me out to eat and we are going to watch “The Fault In Our Stars”. I’m thrilled!!
Tomorrow I start working again on hill training and I wish you all a good weekend and happy running!
May your distances increase while your problems decrease.

…and finally the child has closed his eyes in sleep…

Last Night’s Freedom Run

Friday, June 6, 2014
9:05 AM

It’s been a great week for training and racing!! I’ve ran about 10 miles total and last night I had a great time at the 2nd annual Freedom Run!
My first 5k race was the 1st annual Freedom Run. It was hosted at Central Park in Ashland, completely flat terrain. I had won first place in my age group and decided to do every Freedom Run race to come in the future. So when I saw the race pre-registration online I signed up ASAP. They hadn’t even posted what the course would be like at the time.
I ended up with rolling hills.
Hill training is fine and all but I wasn’t expecting them last night.
I was able to officially meet Alan Osuch! He’s one of the nicest runners you’ll ever meet, and he sends emails out in relation to He has been running for five years and will have ran 200 races come either later this summer or fall! He ave me advice and to me the most important was to listen to my own body and not to follow everything every training plan say because every body is different.


The 5k Crew posed for pre-race pictures: aren’t we goofy?



I was goofing off waiting for the gun to be fired:


A minute or so before the starting shot was fired, I looked behind me and one of my kids from the daycare’s grandmas were there! We squealed (no joke) and hugged each other. We were both jittery about the race but goodness we did great and she kicked butt on the way up with those hills! She was my pacer and I made it under 30 minutes still with the hills, finishing right on her heels. That woman can move and she’s a natural. She too achieved first place in her age group!


So from my first Freedom Run / 5k race in general to now, I’m pleased with my progress in running:




Thank you to those who have been here on my journey, listening to my stories and swapping tips. May God give you the speed in your spirit to outrun your own assumptions and over come your mind.