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“Cinderella” Supporting Roger Reed

Friday (TGIF), September 12, 2014
12:00 P.M.

First off, I wasn’t able to blog yesterday, but I hope everyone had a safe time running as we all remembered those who were lost or injured on 9/11/2001. We can’t ever have that day on our minds enough. The more we reflect on that day, the more we can be aware to stop another tragedy such as that from ever happening again.
Yesterday went on as any other day for me, though, and your probably wondering why the heck I have that title the way it is. It’s so true, though!
I swear I’m gonna change my blog name to “Injured Runner”. A pulled hamstring was the last fun stunt my body pulled on me, and Monday was the first I was able to run in a few months. It just wasn’t healing!
I have this thing I do, though; or rather, what I don’t do.

• When I’m injured, I can’t run.

• When I can’t run, I get depressed.

• When I get depressed, I don’t do things right.

• If I don’t do things right, people get mad.

• If people get mad, they do rash things.

• Someone could die.

We can’t let people die.
I try not to let myself get depressed by not looking at races on Tristate Racer.
So when I was asked by my boss if I was running in “the race” tonight, I had no clue what she was talking about. A race?! Here?!! I wanna go!!
Let me tell you what, I have a great boyfriend who decided we could skip the date we had planned and he said he would take me to the race. I hurried in my cleaning, trying to get off the clock as soon as possible. Registration started at six and it was five already. I still had to go home and change.
I felt like Cinderella getting to go to the ball, as long as she finished her chores.
The race was to raise money for Roger Reed, who has stage four Pancreatic Cancer. My heart goes out to him and his family. Even though I personally just met Mr. Reed, my boyfriend Jacob and his family have known him for a while. I knew only of him by the fact that he owns a funeral home downtown, until the week I started hearing his name everywhere. At the store, at church, at work. When something tragic like this hits a small town, everyone knows about it.
(Roger Reed and my boyfriend, Jacob.)

357 people had registered for last night’s run. I felt honored to run with everyone in support of this man.
Three of the people there I’ve seen at every race I’ve ran in so far. Johnny Clay, Christina Blackburn, and Allan Horowitz. (I hope I spelled those right!)


The last time I talked to Johnny, he told me he and his girlfriend have the goal of 66 races for the year! And let me tell you what, they can win them too! I’ve seen Johnny and his girlfriend win some races, (he received second place this time).
Allan has this happy-go-lucky air about him, it makes running with him feel like a treat. He’s quite the joker, too, giving me the wrong the name at first, but showed me some stretches that will benefit me in the future.
The race went so well, and though I didn’t place and it was last minute, it was the perfect break in the week! (And to think I was bummed that I wouldn’t have been able to run yesterday, anyways!)